WTB Quadro P2000

looking to but an inexpensive p2000 someone might have laying around to use for plex transcoding, also open to other good/inexpensive options

If you are open to other good inexpensive options for transcoding, this thread [Official] HP Prodesk 400 G4 SFF Owner's Thread and JDM’s guide to hardware transcoding linked at the top of the list are a great option. As of yesterday the seller still appeared to have stock and to be accepting $90 offers. Add an SSD to boot from and you can be in business for under $200 depending on how large a drive you choose.

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Can confirm. [Guide] Hardware Transcoding: The JDM way! QuickSync and NVENC this way just CAN’T be beat right now. Transcodes like a champ.

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i am very open to this, thank you! would this be considered the best bang for buck?

This is definitely the best budget option.

ok thank you i will be picking 1 up

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