WTB 1650 super/1660

I’m sure this is a huge shot in the dark but looking for either around msrp,$160-$220.

If you aren’t having any luck with the 1650, I can sell you a P2000 + shipping for the higher end of your range

EDIT - NM, I read 1650 as 1060…carry on.

I was looking for a card to game at decent rates and transcode(streaming) at the same time. Another idea was use some hardware I have and build a dedicated streaming rig with a capture card and nvidia card. Original idea was a p400 but I may take you up on your offer.

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The P2000 isn’t the worst card. I’ve casually gamed on it for a while when I had one, it wasn’t so bad.

What would the performance of the p2000 be comparable to? My current gpu is a rx580 8gb.

The P2000 is a cut-down 1060 that runs a lot slower, it’s very similar to a 1060 Max-Q with more compute units locked. Neither the 1650S nor the 1660 are a particularly meaningful upgrade from a 580, you should look for something that will actually net you a marked benefit for your money - probably at minimum a 1070 or 1660Ti.