WTB 1650 super/1660

I’m sure this is a huge shot in the dark but looking for either around msrp,$160-$220.

If you aren’t having any luck with the 1650, I can sell you a P2000 + shipping for the higher end of your range

EDIT - NM, I read 1650 as 1060…carry on.

I was looking for a card to game at decent rates and transcode(streaming) at the same time. Another idea was use some hardware I have and build a dedicated streaming rig with a capture card and nvidia card. Original idea was a p400 but I may take you up on your offer.

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The P2000 isn’t the worst card. I’ve casually gamed on it for a while when I had one, it wasn’t so bad.

What would the performance of the p2000 be comparable to? My current gpu is a rx580 8gb.

The P2000 is a cut-down 1060 that runs a lot slower, it’s very similar to a 1060 Max-Q with more compute units locked. Neither the 1650S nor the 1660 are a particularly meaningful upgrade from a 580, you should look for something that will actually net you a marked benefit for your money - probably at minimum a 1070 or 1660Ti.

I saw the 1070 as best $200 card in the unraid remote guide but can’t find them remotely close to that, no surprise, so figured what’s the best budget card for obs. For gaming/streaming off the same machine the 1659s and 1660 were recommended and I figured may be able to get one Relatively closer to msrp. Which also, no surprise there.

It’s actually for my linux rig for gaming streaming off of it directly since obs doesn’t see the rx570 for encoding. I’ve got a 1050ti that is meh/decent for encoding(from what I’ve seen) so might use that or a p400 and a capture card and build a stream only box with some spares I’ve got.

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