Would an 8th gen T chip be helpful for me?

How are people’s experience with T model Intel chips? I’m looking at something like i5-8400T or 8500T for mostly 1080p direct plays (1 user only) on Plex and running a couple dozen containers.

I currently am on a i5-2400 (ancient) and my CPU usage is consistently 50% (plex direct play and ~25 containers) and temps hover around 45. So it works fine, I just need a little more power and speed.

My containers are pretty run-of-the-mill: media management, reverse proxies etc. There’s no real CPU-intensive work except the rare transcoding on Plex.

My worry with T chips in a 1L enclosure (like HP G4 mini) is heat and the throttling the CPU may see. Anyone have experience to share?

“T” chips are clocked slower. otherwise the chips should be the same. for intel chips, just do a google search: “intel ark -cpu here-” for the “T” and non-T variant to compare the specs.

I have, but specs only go so far. I’m mostly wondering if the small enclosure will cause higher throttling.

I didn’t experience any when I had an 8500T in there with 32GB ram running multiple dockers, mainly the *arr suite and jellyfin (nvme only, no 2.5" drive). It’s an HP ProDesk 600 G4 mini…Hope this helps.