Why is it necessary and do I need it? Discussion

I’m sort of confused of Plex and why it is necessary. Lets say I have movies on a hard drive.

My smart TV is already able to play movies from my PC’s harddrive.

What benefit does Plex offer? Thanks in advance!

Great, but what happens when you hit a movie with a video combo it doesn’t support? You’d have to re encode it to a compatible format. You can do this manually with incompatible movies in your library or let some software (plex etc) take care of that for you.

Same thing if you want to watch movies outside your network. If you have unlimited upload, great no problem.

But if for example you’re in a bandwidth limited situation it can be really nice to set a lower quality and let plex transcode in real time to a more compressed format.

The list goes on

Your smart TV is likely using DLNA. Plex allows for an easier search, it detects titles and sorts them appropriately.

For TV, it organizes things so well compared to DLNA.

Plex also serves up rich information about what you’re watching and appropriately links that info to other relevant media. For example while looking at a movie in your library, at a glance you can see sequels, similar movies, or other movies the actors starred in, assuming you have them in your library as well. You can even use this for filtering views while browsing your library, such as by genre, year, rating, studio, etc. In addition to that Plex keeps track of your watch progress for all media regardless of what device you watch it on. You can always pickup where you left off very easily.