Which HBA card for my NAS Kill 4.0

Well, it is time to expand. Will either of these hba card work better or worse.

Thanks for the advice.

Always use OEM LSI cards, not rebranded ones such as the Dell or HP ones.

Refer to the “other parts” section of the guide:

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So the 2nd link appears to be an oem card. Correct?

Yes, but the seller is overcharging by a lot…

Which is why I recommended to look at the thread - the links take you to searches, not listings.
Such as:



After clicking the eBay links from the guide, be sure to sort the result to “Price + Shipping: Lowest First”.

Ok just did that… here is one. This appears to be an IT Mode only card. Is that correct? Will I need to flash when I recieve it?

Correct, it’s IT mode only, but a lot of them come with older firmwares, so it’s best to just update them to the latest one anyway.

9201-8i on the way. Will flash and report back on Friday if time permits. Thanks again Senior Waaat and this forum community. My NK4 is more than I could have hoped for @ less than $100 spent.

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Looking forward to seeing a build log from you, if you feel up to it!

If time permits. I’ll throw together some pics and specs. Working 7x12 a week right now. When I’m home I hit the zzz’s hard.:+1:t3: