[USA-VA] X8DTL-iF + CPUs + RAM + Coolers

$100 - negotiable - local pickup preferred, northern VA. you pay shipping if shipping is needed.

4x4GB, DDR3 1333Mhz
2x E5620
CPU coolers of idk what brand/type

Can also include a SATA3 card if you want for no extra charge.

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@Zethalon Please update your title to match the posting rules

Oops, should be fixed now.

Thank you!

If you decide to ship, lmk

I mean, I can, I just have no experience shipping and ofc shipping will have to be paid for by the buyer.

What type of chassis will this fit in with those coolers? 4U? Or can you tell me the height of the things? Thanks.

I would say it can fit in nearly any 4U as long as there is nothing above it, for reference it fits perfectly in the old Rosewill L4500.

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