[USA-VA] Intel Core i3-2120/2100 (11 LEFT)

I have been decommissioning a slow, steady stream of HP/Dell workstations that include i3-2120/2100 series processors. I’ll probably run out eventually, but will slowly restock until my supply totally dries up.

I will also be making a thread for multiple flavors of DDR3 memory. I’ll post the link here when it’s ready.

Prices do not include shipping. Read everything.

6 AVAILABLE Intel Core i3-2120 ($12)
5 AVAILABLE Intel Core i3-2100 ($10)

You have three options for shipping via USPS:

(1) Small bubble mailer: risky, cheap. $3
(2) Small box: less risky, less cheap. $5
(3) USPS flat rate box: tracked and insured, no risk. $8

Payment via PayPal. Like always, PM if interested. I’ll answer questions in this thread.


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