[USA-PA] NAS Killer 4.0 motherboards (tested) - very low prices

I have one of each of these motherboards. I’m asking for $10 each + actual shipping (typically around $6-$10).

Brand Model (link) Specifcations CPU RAM Form Factor PCI-E Video SATA NIC Expected Price
Acer (ECS OEM) Q77H2-AM 822 N/A Core i3/i5/i7 Non-ECC UDIMM ONLY Micro ATX 3 DVI, 2xDP (via CPU) 2xSATA3, 4xSATA2 1 $24.38
Acer (ECS OEM) Q77H2-AD 295 N/A Core i3/i5/i7 Non-ECC UDIMM ONLY DTX 2 DVI, 2xDP (via CPU) 2xSATA3, 2xSATA2 1 $26.88

Just marking on here that I’d like one of the Q77H2-AM 82 boards. I saw that the discord channel moved over to the forum

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