[USA-NY] i5-4690k

Hey guys i am planning on moving over the ryzen build soon this will be my first AMD build and I will be selling a couple of stuff from my current build combo deal.

Asrock Z97 Anniversary Motherboard
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler
16Gb Ram
PNY 240gb SSD
400GB F40 SSD Plus Adapter

Price: $210 + Shipping OBO

Discord: Star#9747

Available for local Pickup
Location: Brooklyn NYC

Note: Everything is still in case becuase it is what i am using atm.

image0 serv%20build


Why do you have your F40 plugged into a mining riser?

because i only had a x1 available port and wanted leave it out of the case, only used it for a month and then stopped

Bump, make an offer fellas, price is negotiable


I don’t think you need to keep bumping your post. There’s only 1 page of “WTS” items so it’s not getting lost in the group.

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Still available?

Are you willing to part out the F40 if it’s still available? I’ll be back in the city in a week or so and can pick it up.

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i have decided to to sell it on ebay they are all gone except the hdd and the gtx 1070

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