[USA-MO] Need some RAM for my GA-7PESH2 WTB

1333 or 1600, 4 x 8 gb (or 8 x 8 gb if the price is right).

  1. If you have some to sell and ship fairly quickly, I’d prefer to give some money to a member of the community than an anon eBay seller.

  2. Alternatively, does anyone have a good experience with an eBay seller, such that they would recommend getting RAM from them? I’ve never bought used RAM before, so I’m a bit unsure of how pristine it should be…


Though it’s not a SB community member, this is one of the best RAM deals out right now: https://amzn.to/2YqjFiI. Since it’s an affiliate link, it still supports the SB community in a way.

I’ve got 64GB DDR3 1600MHz ECC Registered Memory (4x 16GB) I’m not using. I bought it from METServers for $200 when I did my initial NSFW Build but then switched to 128gb ram per a deal JDM posted a couple months ago.

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