[USA-MI] RX580 4GB, GTX 1050Ti 4GB, Firepro W7100 8GB, Powerline Adapter Set (2 pcs)

Local is 49321. Paypal or Cash. If you are interested in an item and disagree with the price, feel free to send me a reasonable offer.

MSI GTX 1050 Ti Gaming 4GB - Used for gaming - SOLD

AMD Firepro W7100 8GB- Used for CAD workstation - $200 Shipped - SOLD

Please upload all of your pictures to the forum natively instead of using imgur links!

Post updated with natively uploaded photos.

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GTX 1050Ti has been sold.

Going to the post office later. If you wanna buy something so I only make one trip, I’ll knock $10 off. RX580 $100 shipped, powerline adapters $40 shipped, make me an offer on the firepro.

I hate going to the post office.

Interested in the 580 if you can do $100.

Sold to @SpamMeDeeper

PM me your Paypal email and I’ll send you the invoice.

PM Sent. TIA!

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