[USA-MI] Rosewill L4500, R210ii

I’ve got a brand new L4500, which apparently is unavailable anywhere now. It was taken out of the box to start a NK1 backup build, but was never built in. The case has never even been opened either. I’d like to sell it for $140 shipped, considering it’ll probably be $50 to ship it.
L4500 - SOLD

I’ve also got a Dell R210ii for $125 shipped, if any one is interested.

  • E3-1220L
  • 4x2GB RAM
  • 2x120GB SSDs in 2.5" caddy
  • includes one 3.5" caddy
  • Rack ears were damaged.


I’ll take the case. Will contact when I get to lunch break

Sorry for the lack of response. I invoiced and local buyer paid already on Friday, and I forgot to check back here :frowning:

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