[USA-MI] CPUs, GPUs, IcyDocks

Timestamps: https://imgur.com/a/jjYiBWr

I just posted to /r/homelabsales, as well. Includes shipping to CONUS.

Item Description Price Qty / SOLD
IcyDock ExpressCage MB326SP-B 5.25" 6x2.5" IcyDock $50 1
IcyDock ExpressCage MB324SP-B 5.25" 4x2.5" IcyDock $40 1
E3-1220 v1 3.10Ghz Quad Core $15 3
E5-2609 v1 2.40Ghz Quad Core, No HT $5 2
E5-2620 v1 2.00Ghz Hex Core, HT $5 6/6
Quadro K5000 4GB Workstation GPU $100 1/1
Quadro K2200 4GB Workstation GPU $80 1
AMD FirePro W5100 4GB Workstation GPU $60 2

you have a message.

Replied. Thanks!

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