[USA-FL] X9SCM, RAM & LSI 9201-8i

I’m going to be building a NAS based off the 4.0 build and have already bought a E3-1260L. Just thought I would check to see if anyone has a spare X9SCM motherboard, RAM or LSI 9201-8i they would be willing to part with.

Where in Florida are you located at? I am near Ft Myers. I have a 1 Inventec b400 board with on board LSI card that is already fully set up with a E5-1270, cpu cooler and 8gb ram. LSI card has already been flashed and is ready to go. I just ended up no using it. I then have another same Invertech b400 with on board LSI that I have not used at all.

If your interested in any of it let me know.

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