[USA-FL][H]Cables, Fans, Adapters, 8TB, Miscellaneous. Dirt cheap! [W] Paypal G&S or Trade


Yes yes, these are all junk. I know that.

Items Price/Quantity Description
ARCTIC F12 PWM PST 3USD 5 of them available.
ARCTIC F8 PWM PST 3USD 5 of them available.
Thermaltake Commander FX SATA Powered 10 Port Fan Hub 6USD 1 of them available.
2.5" SSD to 3.5" SATA Hard Disk Drive HDD Adapter Caddy Tray CAGE Hot Swap Plug 5USD 3 of them available.
Dual M.2 SATA Adapter with RAID 15USD 1 of them available.
mSATA SSD to 2.5in SATA Adapter (Open) 15USD 1 of them available.
mSATA SSD to 2.5in SATA Adapter (Closed) 15USD 1 of them available.
M.2 SSD to 2.5in SATA Adapter 15USD 2 of them available.
NVME PCIe Adapter 5USD 1 of them available. m.2 stand off is included, but lost the screw.
3TB Seagate 70USD 1 of them available. Got it back a year or so ago as RMA. Never used it after that.
Roku FREE This is from UK. Not sure if that matters. Never ever used it.
10DVD FREE Whatever is in the pic.
36in SATA Serial ATA 4USD 3 of them available.
33" SFF-8087 to SFF-8087 Internal Mini SAS 3USD 1 of them available.
15" SFF-8087 to SFF-8087 Internal Mini SAS 3USD 1 of them available.
Mellanox ConnectX-2 PCIe x8 NIC 10 Gigabit 10GBe SFP+ Single Port 15USD 1 of them available.
Avago AFBR 5803Z FREE Not sure if this works. No way to test this.

Local is 33317 or 32814. Shipping at buyers cost. Only items pictured or mentioned are available. Let me know if there is any mistakes in the listing!.

I would try my best not to entertain single item shipping. If you want to, you need to pay for shipping supplies as well. At that point, I strongly believe a store can give you a better price.

All these are my left overs from past projects. I do not have any intention of offering any warranty for this unfortunately. Hope that is agreeable to you.

If this is up or the items are not striked-off , the item is still available for you to buy. Please let me know if you have any follow up questions.

Thank you for reading!.

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Please set aside all your fans. I’ll buy them. Will be useful with that case I’m buying

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Kewl. You also will get two pcie bracket some one more bracket from the enthoo pro. No idea what it is used for though.

30 for 10 fans and Cooler Master N400 - 35USD and EVGA 500B - 30USD. Total: 95USD. Beer money sorted.

I have plenty of other stuff if you’re trying to put something together. I can get you a whole ton of stuff that I have sitting around

El Cheapo gaming PC for my kid brother. I’m in Tampa today. Got anything I can fit into a carry on? Departing @ 6:30 tomorrow morning.

What do you need/want?

Need: DDR3 RAM, unsure what speeds Mobo supports. It has 8GB 1333MHz right now, 2x4GB. Wouldn’t mind bringing that up to 16GB
Want: mini ITX size graphics card. His PCIE x16 slot blocks the SATA ports on board when you use a full sized card.
Maybe a nice network switch if it can fit in my backpack

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I have an ER-X, an ER3-L and a couple of 8 port switches if that’s what you need

It was more for my home network, really. Appreciate the offer though.

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Hey I’d be interested in the Roku. Just joined the forum, but have been on the discord channel for a while now

Its gone.

Boo. Well thanks for getting back to me. It’s great that someone got a deal.

@m-jeri when you get a chance would you mind striking out what’s no longer available?

I cannot.

The thing does not allow me to edit. Had that problem few times before.

Most prolly I will give a request to delete the post and repost.

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Yes, you can edit. Click the 3 dots and then edit your post.

Let me know what I am missing when I click the three dots.

It doesn’t show here???

The picture I shared is AFTER the click on the three dots. Let me know if you want me to do it again.