[USA-CA] need key for Rosewill L4500 chassis

I purchased from Amazon, unfortunately it did not come with the keys and it’s too much pain to pack it up again and “return” it. Does anyone have a key they are willing to part, or know where I can go to purchase one online? I’ve contacted Rosewill via their online contact, but have not received a response from them yet. Thanks.

Remove the door. It’s a worthless piece of garbage anyway. :slight_smile:

haha, don’t I need it for the filters? Or are they separate from the door? I will take a closer look.

you could remove the filter sponge and place it behind the front of the drive bays… If you really really want that key Spare Part Request - Rosewill they will probably send ya one… But yeah they all come with two keys and I’d bet a hundred bucks they are universal.

Soooo odd question, but do you have a picture of the key?

Can send it to you over the weekend when back in town. I got Rosewill to send me one. Kudos to them.

I know you’ve got it resolved, but have you considered removing the door entirely?

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