[USA-CA] DFI AMD Mini PC 2.7GHz + 16GB RAM + Fan Upgrade + 120GB MSATA

I bought this thinking I would use this for a pfsense box but unfortunately went with Ubiquiti instead. I do not have the original box anymore.

I am asking $200 + shipping.


  1. DFI DT122-BE 2nd Gen AMD Embedded R-Series Industrial Desktop Box PC 2.7GHz + power cord
  2. 16GB (2x 8GB) | PC3-12800S | 1600MHz | NON-ECC | Laptop DDR3 Memory Modules (installed)
  3. TCSUNBOW MSATA Mini PCIe 120GB 128GB SSD Solid State Drive (30 50 mm) for Pos Machine and Game Machine (120GB)
  4. Fractal Design Silent Series R3 White - 50 mm
  5. Fractal Design Silent Series R3 White - 40 mm


Pics when you get a chance please!

Is this still available?

It is but the specs have changed since the original post.
I have replaced the two internal fans and added in 128GB mSATA drive:

If you are still interested I will need to update the posting/price. LMK

I am still interested. Could you please update the posting?


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