Hi everyone,

Looking to sell an older GTX 1060 6GB I’ve had kicking around that I was previously using in an Unraid Gaming build. I have cut the PCB slightkly to allow it to fit in an X9SCM-F motherboard.


$40+shipping (probably $60 total depending on where you live in the US) or local pickup (Seattle, WA)

  • Tested and works fine, was previously used in my Unraid Gaming build until I built my own gaming PC with newer hardware
  • Card PCIe retaining latch (the little “L”-shaped tab at the end of the x16 slot) has been cut off to allow it to fit in an X9SCM-F, this shouldn’t impact functionality at all, but the retaining latch on the PCIe slot won’t lock as a result.

Pictures with timestamps:

I am interested in this card as I actually have a X9SCM-F too. I want to get a video card to help with CodeProject.AI times on my unraid server.

Hi kimocal,

I still have the card - if you’d like it, it’s all yours.

Let me know :slight_smile:

What’s the approximate cost to ship to Pilot Hill, CA 95664?

Do you recall if you had to have the card in a specific slot?

Also did you have to modify the PCI slot on the mobo?

So it looks like rough shipping cost would be $10-$12 depending on if it’s priority or ground advantage with USPS (honestly comes down to which size box I can find). So total would be $50 - I’d rather quote you a price than just leave you guessing :slight_smile:

I don’t recall off hand if I needed it in one slot or the other but I believe I used either of the two slots closest to the CPU since those are Gen3x8 vs the other two being Gen2x4.

I did have to use Dremel to cut out the back of the pcie slots to make it open-ended (I recommend doing it in a more gentle way than using a Dremel, that was quick and dirty)