[US-TX] SOLD HP290-p0043w 4GB RAM, Intel Quad NIC, 16GB Optane SSD, 500GB HDD Win 10 OPNsense

HP290-p0043w with 4G RAM, Intel Quad NIC, 16Gb Optane ssd, 500G Toshiba HDD OPNsense, Win 10

Selling my HP290, currently set up for OPNsense (or pfSense)

  • Celeron G4900 3.1GHz
  • 4GB RAM (1x 4gb)
  • 16GB Intel Optane card used for OPNsense as main drive
  • Intel I340-T4 4-port Gigabit NIC
  • 500GB Toshiba HDD with Win 10, installed in machine but cables disconnected and I never used it so it presumably has very low hours use as this was like new when purchased.
  • Optical drive (never used)
  • Only replacing it due to a move to a new house and our internet setup requires placing the router where it has to be silent (until I find the time to run cable in the attic…) otherwise I would keep it. Power supply fan has a little bit of a rumble, CPU fan is quiet.
  • Formatted the Optane drive and installed OPNsense
  • Comes with just the power cord, no kb or mouse. Will pack carefully.
  • $140 including shipping, to USA lower 48 state addresses only. PP F&F only.


If its still available in a week, I’d be very interested. Just have to wait for some extra $$$.

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Sold! Thanks all.

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