[US-PA] FREE - Random old equipment

I have a bunch of old equipment that I am planning to recycle. If you are interested any items here, they are yours for free. Local pickup only in Pittsburgh, PA.

AMD A10-5800K
Pending AMD HD 6670 2GB
Biostar TA75MH2
Pending NZXT Case
No RAM. I believe one of the RAM slots are bad.
No Storage

(8) 1GB Sticks of RAM

PENDING Qlogic dual 8Gb Fibre Channel HBA. Two optics are included. Pulled from an old HP server.

Pending (2) Allied Telesyn AT-9924T’s
(1) 2u rail kit for rack mounting the switches

This pair of Allied Telesyn AT-9924T switches were intended for internal switches for an expansion of an old Centera storage device many years ago that were never used. When powering them up, I see the below output, but I never get to a login prompt. They have been sitting in my basement for years. I have no use for them nor know the first step in getting them operational.

INFO: Self tests beginning.
INFO: RAM test beginning.
PASS: RAM test, 131072k bytes found.
INFO: BBR tests beginning.
PASS: BBR test, 512k bytes found.
INFO: Self tests complete.
INFO: Downloading switch software.
Force EPROM download (Y) ?
INFO: Initial download successful.

INFO: Initialising Flash File System.

Nothing happens after this. No login prompt



I’m down in Frederick MD. What’s still available?

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