[US-OH] Jay's Spring Cleaning Sale

Lot of free time, and consolidating projects. I accomplished some goals and I’m starting to wind down my builds. I’m in Northeast Ohio in the Akron/Canton area and would be willing to meet within 25 miles for the larger items.

Items will be shipped as soon as possible, USPS or UPS (I will never darken the door of a FedEx location for the rest of my life)

All prices OBO and PayPal only. Will deal if you pick up multiple items!

Pair of EVGA CLC 120 CL11 liquid coolers - $SOLD$ - These are 1366 compatible! I was using them on my girlfriends daily driver X8DTL-iF machine before we upgraded her. They ran whisper quiet and kept her machine nice and cool. These are used but in excellent condition. No leaks, everything is in good condition. They also include the EVGA CLC tuner kits, which as far as I can tell helps force a clean turn in the tubes.

These apparently came with other brackets, but any additional mounting brackets are long gone in my case. Consider these 1366 only unless you happen to have the additional hardware.

EVGA GTX 1080 SC - $SOLD LOCALLY$ - This lived a pretty stress-free life here. Never mined, hardly played games. It mostly helped me when doing VFX. Good card, good shape, good price. I’m fairly firm on the price, but will bundle if you are interested in something else too.

EMC KTN-STL3 15 Bay Storage Disk Array Expansion w/ 15x Seagate 2TB SAS HDDs - $SOLD LOCALLY$ - These are AWESOME but they are loud and hungry. These are NOT the 520 byte sector versions! These have already been formatted to 512 bytes and are ready to rock! I used these briefly in a big vSphere project. I don’t need this much storage for every day use. I will include all my research on these as well as a SAS cable. Bundle these with a 9201-16e for best value! Buy both for $500! and I’ll include a 9201-16e and cables If you want these shipped, I’ll split the shipping cost but I’d really rather sell these local. For these, I will travel up to 50 miles to meet

X8DTL-iF 2x L5640 4 x 2GB DDR3 10600 - $100 shipped - tried and true old board. This model was my first step into this hobby! This was just pulled out of a working domain controller I virtualized. Works great, ready to rock and roll.

F80 800GB Flash Accelerator - SOLD TO kombatmedik30 - Bought a few of these and don’t have a use for this one. These tend to run hot so I’m phasing them out of my rack.

E5-2630 pair - $40 shipped - Upgraded to 2670’s and kept these as spares. Not needed anymore. Worked when pulled, in good shape.

LSI 9201-16e - $SOLD TO faultline$ - These were spares pulled from a build. Worked when pulled and stored in static bags. Buy both for $70

SAS826A Backplane - $25 shipped each* - Thought I’d need these, ended up not. These are BPN-SAS-826A backplanes. These are passthrough backplanes; they have three SAS ports and can support just about any drive speed. The 826A’s also show SATA drive lights. :slight_smile:

SC826 Hypervisor Build - $SOLD TO Rob$ - This thing is a monster and would be a great stepping stone into building a virtualized environment. I have two of these and used them to get proficient in vSAN, vSphere and basically the entire VMWare ecosystem. These were a labor of love and it’s hard to see them go, but one of them is sitting idle doing nothing. Buy this puppy and I’ll include a set of the coveted SuperMicro OEM rails with the super rare retention screws and another PSU! Specs:

SuperMicro X9DR3-LN4F+ with dual Xeon E5-2670 v1 CPUs, Passive 2U Heatsinks, IO Shield and 192GB RAM

*The Whole Kit!
* The X9DR3-LN4F+ board features an Intel C606 chipset, four Intel gigabit LAN ports (Intel i530 controller), 2x SATA3 (6Gbps) ports, 4x SATA2 (3Gbps) ports, and onboard IPMI
* 24 RAM Slots
* 1 Internal USB 2.0 port
* Size EE-ATX 13.68" x 13"
* Board has been updated to the latest BIOS image and IPMI firmware
* Full specs here: SuperMicro X9DR3-LN4F+
* The Xeon E5-2670 has a base frequency of 2.60 GHz, 8 cores, 16 threads, and 20MB of cache
* Full specs here: Intel ARK E5-2670
* 24x Samsung 8GB 2Rx4 PC3L-10600R DIMMs for a total of 192GB
* F80 800GB Flash Accelerator
* Intel Dell 0WDFH0 10GB Dual Port Ethernet Adapter
* Supermicro PWS-920P-SQ (SuperQuiet!) 920W PSU
* LSI SAS9207-8E
* LSI RAID 9201-8i
* 2 x 120GB Consumer SSD’s (I know SSD’s shouldn’t go in the trays, don’t care!)
* 2 x HGST 400GB SAS3 SSD

10 Intel NUC’s + 5 Nvidia Jetson TK1’s Mini PC 1u Single Board Computer Array - $SOLD LOCALLY$ - I’ll be honest - I drunk eBay’d this when the notification went out. I have absolutely NO use for it and it’s only going to take up space. I’m ready to just push it out the door and get it out of my life. If you’re local, here is another “I’ll meet you up to 25 miles” deals. For more details, visit the ebay listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/10-Intel-NUCs-5-Nvidia-Jetson-TK1s-Mini-PC-1u-Single-Board-Computer-Array/202977104873?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

Supermicro X9DRL-iF 2x E5-2650V2 16GB w/ IPMI 3x PCIE 3.0 8x With HS+FAN I/O - $160 shipped - Bought this on impulse. Don’t need it. Going for $199 right now on ebay, take advantage of my terrible impulse control and save $19 off the top. Haven’t even opened the box; I’ll slap on a new label and simply forward it your way.

There will be more coming as I comb through my stuff. Hit me up in the pawn-shop discord channel, PM me here, or comment on this post.



These are all excellent prices; good luck with sale!

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Claiming the LSI cards

LSI 9201-16e’s are sold!

Talk to me goose

Updated a few prices and added an item to the bottom - I totally forgot I ordered it and don’t need it.

Interested in the Supermicro combo. I’ll message you.

Hey all, if you’ve messaged me interested in purchasing something and I haven’t replied - I’m sorry! I’m not getting notification emails from the forum. We’re looking into it and I’m changing the address it points to as soon as we have an idea what is going on. I haven’t been online much in my free time and have relied on the notifications previously to let me know someone was interested. At some point in May, those stopped working.

Lowered some prices - somebody buy this tray of Jetson’s and NUC’s from me!

Is the supermicro board still available?

Left pm

Hello, replied to your PM’s

PM sent

PM sent

KTN-STL3 pair are pending, as is the SC826 build. I will reply to your PM’s if I haven’t already!

Still available?

PM Sent

Hi Jay, do you still have the
Supermicro X9DRL-iF 2x E5-2650V2 16GB w/ IPMI 3x PCIE 3.0 8x With HS+FAN I/O
for sale?

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