[US-NE] SuperMicro X9DRH-7F Motherboard LGA2011 with IO Shield (Used)

1x SuperMicro X9DRH-7F Motherboard LGA2011 board rev 1.02 with IO Shield. Updated to allow E5-2600 v2 family Xeon CPUs. Onboard SAS has also been updated to IT mode.

Worked great for our UNRAID install but was way too power hungry and noisy with dual v2 2650s and maxed out RAM slots running 24/7 - spousal unit approved the replacement system a while back ad we decommed this build selling off most of the parts locally.

The board will come as shown with the 2011 narrow ILM to AM3/4 cooler adapters. These can be easily removed so you can use a narrow-ILM cooler since they just screw into the board’s mounting studs. These adapters will allow you to install most AMD AM3/4 clip type cpu coolers. I used 2x DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX 400 coolers and those 2560s were very cool and there was plenty of clearance for the RAM.

Asking $200 shipped.

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