[US-NE] SOLD Budget Skylake CPU/Mobo/HSF/RAM/SSD Combo

I have the following hardware bundle for sale. Shipping is included within the continental USA. PayPal accepted. If sending as Goods/Services please cover the fees.

This bundle is packed up and ready to ship out first thing tomorrow! First come, first serve. Not parting out.

Asking $120 shipped! SOLD

Heatware: NobleX13 (230-0-0)

  • Intel QJE7 QS CPU (Core i5-6400T Equivalent)
    • Functionally equivalent to a retail Core i5-6400T. Identical clock speeds and is even recognized by the UEFI and Windows as the retail part.
  • ASUS Z170-AR Motherboard
    • Used, in good working condition. I/O shield included. I don’t have the original box, sorry. Updated to the latest BIOS.
    • Used, in good working condition. Fan is slightly dusty. Mounting hardware replaced with generic replacement from AliExpress. Slightly more secure mounting than the original due to the bolt-through design of this bracket. No original box, sorry.
  • Samsung 4GB DDR4-2666 DIMM (not pictured)
    • Pulled from an OEM PC. Passed Memtest.
  • 80GB Intel DC S3500 2.5" SATA SSD (not pictured)

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