[US-MN] Pay it forward from the estate.

I am looking to “pay it forward” with the following gear:

2x Chenbro Cleversafe Slicestor 1440 from my friends estate.

They did power on and boot unraid, I forgot the CPUs are but I think they have 32GB of RAM. No disks are included. Yes for the one not showing the drive cages I have all the cages. Just taking my friends old HDDs out of them.

You should bring someone to carry them. I am not at their house, and they are moving, and it is unlikely someone who can help you going to be there.

Rosewill 4U chassis
Dual e5-2690s
64GB of RAM
Intel X520 10gbit lan
2x EVGA AIO coolers.
EVGA 750W Gold with all cables plus the bag.
Lots of the fans appear to be changed out to ARCTIC fans. Not sure what though. Sorry.
No IO shield.

2x SuperMicro 4u 24 Bay chassis. They are gutted of mother boards, and fans. They were disk shelves.

Price - $0 for this community.

They need to be gone by 3/31 or I am dropping them at FreeGeek. Local pick up only. I didn’t take pictures of the Rosewill or the Supermicros as they are in boxes, but I am not shipping them. We don’t have time due to his family moving out.

Use 55449 for travel zipcode. I hope this is okay to post.


I could really use one of these if you’re willing to ship, and I’d be happy to pay shipping costs (and more) to cover whatever is needed.


I am in the area and interested. First post on the forum, but I have been a long time lurker. I could work out something with @JDM_WAAAT for shipping as well.


@ocballin That would work fantastically for me. PM me some dates/times and I will send you the address.


Everything here has been picked up by @ocballin. @JDM_WAAAT Thanks for letting me post this and I hope something is worked out with you guys. I really appreciate the community support.


What could you use one of these for? Just curious.



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