[US-MI] WTB 2TB or 3TB NAS drives - 4 minimum, 8 preferred, 5400RPM

I have two older NAS devices that just need to get used for second backups at a couple family’s homes. The best they’ll take is 3TB drives, but 2TB is also fine. Four drives would be good, but if you have eight and would consider a volume deal, I’ll gladly hear you out. Not picky about age or maker so long as they SMART test 100%.

Edit: SATA drives required, unfortunately.

Assuming you’ll need SATA drives? If you can take SAS drives I would be happy to sell you eight 3TB SAS drives.

Yes, SATA, unfortunately. But thanks.

i’m going to have 7 3tb available soon

Do you still have SAS drives for sale?

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