[US-MD] Complete Chassis, Rack and 60TB of Drives

Item description:

I’m going to be moving this summer and am looking to sell this setup before I do. I keep this is my office and with the Noctua fans it’s super quiet. The work top allows it to fit anywhere really nicely. I have the chassis on rails that can support it fully loaded with drives. Sliding it out to work on it works really nicely. Formatted storage capacity is 54 TB with 2 drives for parity and 2 SSDs for a mirrored cache. I have an extra 6 drives that I’m including with it. I’d like to keep the parts listed under does not include, but I could be convinced otherwise. I’m looking for $1,500 and we would probably have to meet in person.

Server Rack and Chassis includes:

  • 26 3TB 7200 HGST SAS Drives(Mix of HUS724030ALS640 & HUS723030ALS640)
  • Norco 22 Drive Enclosure(20 3.5" + 2 2.5")
  • Raising Electronics Server Rack with Work Top
  • Noctua 80mm fans
  • EVGA 600W Power Supply
  • Expansion Card
  • SAS Cables + Various other cables

Does not include:

  • Motherboard, ram, Processor
  • 2x SSDs
  • 2x HBA Cards

Pictures with timestamps:

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Where in MD?. I’ll be in Baldwin county next month helping a friend set things up in his house and this might be a good place to start. Not sure he wants to go this big just yet. But doesn’t hurt to think about it.

I’m in Frederick so that’s about an hour drive away. I’m not moving for 2 more months so I could hold onto it for that long.

definitely don’t hold it for my sake, id have to see if the friend is even interested in starting that “big” currently looking at a single u-nas 8bay style build. but ill keep this in mind when the time comes.

Let me know if you’re willing to just sell the rack. I’m in the northern part of MoCo so it’s just about 15-20 min drive to Frederick.

If I find someone willing to buy the chassis first, I’d be willing to sell them separately.

So, the server is going to come with the Unraid USB drive?

Read the description


The chassis and drives have been sold. The rack and power supply is still available.

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