[US-IN] *TRADE* Asus ROG Strix 3080

As noted in the title. WTT Asus ROG Strix 3080 for Evga 3080 + MSRP Diff

Item description: Used Asus ROG Strix 3080. Picked up at Microcenter April 2nd. Only Looking for EVGA cards plus cash difference. The card was opened and powered on to confirm working

most people would give anything just for any of the 30xx cards… and now you’re being picky about which one?! how dare you sir, how dare you


I would prefer to go to the lower cost cards for certain reasons. Id like to see it go to a good home like its other brothers and sister…

Also sitting in a line for 6+ hours is the only way to get em currently.

I’d be happy to buy the card from you with cash, but the only think I have for trade is a MSI 3070.

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So you opened the box, installed and tested, but it’s no longer new, and you still want to trade for the difference of MSRP to meet the original value?

I don’t think I ever said it had to be new. I clearly stated I would be basing all trades off MSRP, and that mine was used. Do you have anything to offer or discuss? If you happen to have an EVGA 3080 as stated I’m all ears.

I sadly couldn’t jump a step down.