[US-IN] Rackmount PF Sense Setup

As the title says, looking for a complete ready to rock PFSense setup. Interested in 1U/2U setups.

Purchase timeframe is 2 weeks before I order parts to make one.

I have a couple Barracuda Load Balancer 340s I was going to post soon. They have a Gigabyte H61 Flex ATX mobo. Currently they’re rocking a Celeron G540, 2GB DDR3, 40GB SSD, and the chassis’ are super clean inside with low SSD power on hours. They don’t have AES-NI, but it’s fairly cheap to upgrade the CPU/RAM or they’ll take whatever mobo setup (up mATX). They also have a pair of front mounted/facing Intel i210 NICs, each has an individual PCIe 1x interface that can easily be transferred to a new/different mobo. I was thinking ~$60/each local (or both for $100 +shipping?).

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