[US-IL] WTS - Xeon e3 1265l v2

Hey all!
Selling my 1265l v2 I bought on ebay a couple months back from greencitizen.

I haven’t gotten around to my build yet and just learned the hard way my Mobo is not going to play nicely with the CPU (all - look at the supermicro mobos and ensure they work with the 12x5 chips!). I’ve got a replacement CPU en route now though.

It is listed for $65, but I’m happy to sell at a loss (call it learning) so asking $50 shipped CONUS.

Pictures with timestamps:

If you still have this cpu it works with supermicro boards. Have one in a x9scm and a e3-1275 v2 in a x9scm and no issues.

What’s happening with it in your setup?

maybe the igpu is disabled in favor of the onboard gpu :man_shrugging:

didn’t think about that.never looked at the bios other than to enable virtualization. either way, still a great cpu for a nas/vm host.

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