[US-IL] Some free stuff (just give me shipping

With extra time, clearing some stuff out, I found a few things that I don’t think are worth selling but maybe someone has some use for them (just asking shipping for these):

ChannelPlus 5525 Channel Modulator.
Still available as of 9/12/2020

[~SOLD] Comcast Xfinity Box PR150BNM

[~SOLD] Intel SR0LB Xeon E5-2603 LGA 2011/Socket R 1.8GHz Server CPU (bought it to upgrade the bios on my mb)


Some kind of media center remote control (sorry I can find more about it if you want, but would prefer not to)
Still available as of 9/12/2020

Another kind of Media Center Remote
Still available as of 9/12/2020

Small bluetooth controller with steering wheel attachement
Still available as of 9/12/2020

[~SOLD] Some kind of WiFi Dongle (I can probably find out some more if you want but it’s free so I’d prefer not to:))

[~SOLD] Some kind of Media keyboard mouse combo. I bought on amazon and didn’t get around to implementing it.

[~SOLD] Logitech Dinova Mini

Would be interested in the Logitech Dinova Mini, Wireless Keyboard combo, and E5-2603.

Is it just one per person or?

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