[US-IL] 1x Supermicro X9DRH-iTF, 3x Intel x520-T2 10gbe cards, some other stuff

A few things to go now that I’m realizing this type of serve doesn’t align with my needs given the other equipment I already have. Happy to talk about bundle deals, timestamp link is at the bottom of the post. Feel free to PM on discord (sadgirlonline#0902) or here is fine too. Thanks for looking

1 x Supermicro X9DRH-iTF dual socket LGA2011 motherboard, this is the one with the onboard 10gbe. i don’t have the IO shield for it, unfortunately.
asking: $225 shipped

3 x Intel 0WDFH0 dual port 10gbe cards
asking: $30 shipped per card

1 x Mellanox ConnectX3 10gbe pcie3.0x4 single port sfp+ card
asking: $30 shipped

1x Mellanox ConnectX2 10gbe cpie2.0x8 single port sfp+ card
asking: $20 shipped

1 x i5-3475s (there were two but I can’t seem to find the second one at the moment), the one is delidded and repasted so I could practice before doing my 8700k
asking: $15 shipped

timestamps: https://imgur.com/a/kYMGhvp

Please upload your pictures to the forum natively!

damn chief what were you doin with all that 10Gb

@sadgirlonline what BIOS version on X9DRH-iTF?

PM sent.

@iloveyellowtaco sorry for the delayed response, I didn’t get a notification to my phone and I’m away from my primary computer for a couple days. I haven’t gotten any CPUs for the build yet, so I’m not rightly sure. the person I got it from didn’t specify the version


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1 card for the workstation, 1 for the NAS, 1 for pfsense, and some false starts with fiber because i’m not good at making decisions or reading

All good! I sent you a PM

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