[US-FL] WTB 4(or2) x 8GB ECC unbuffered/unregistered DDR3

WTB 4(or2) x 8GB ECC unbuffered/unregistered DDR3.

I prefer 1600MHz and Low Voltage but would consider other options if price is right. Doesn’t hurt to tell me what you have.
I’m in Orlando, FL


I’ve got 4GB 2Rx4 PC3-10600R-09-10-E1-P1. This is 1333 mhz memory. I have 32 gigs total avail.
I’m an hour from Orlando

Hey, thanks for thinking of me. I actually need un-registered, the R in " PC3-10600R" means it’s registered.

Let me know if you can find any, thanks a lot!!

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