[US-FL] UniFi USG Router, (2) AP AC Lite, (2) Switches

Upgraded my UniFi setup to a bigger router and switches and wifi 6 APs. All of these are in perfect working condition in original boxes and come with their power supplies. APs do not come with PoE injectors.

Priced at what they are going for on eBay minus ~20%:

1 - UniFi USG Security Gateway Router - $80
1 2 - AP AC Lite access points - $40 Each
1 - UniFi Switch 8 - $80
1 - UniFi Swifch 8 (60W) - $120

Unless the whole lot is bought together, prices do not include shipping or PP fees.

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I’ll take the switch 8 non POE and one of the APs off your hands. Would love to take the POE variant as well but it’s outside my budget at the moment.
Want me to contact you on Discord?

Sure! Shoot me a DM. I go out of town Sunday through the new year, so I would need to ship by Friday.

Sold 1 AP and Switch 8 Updated OP

Bump. Happy New Year

I’ll take that last ap as well

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