[US-FL] Rosewill RSV-R4000 NIB

Brand new in box (I cut the tape to look inside but its completely untouched otherwise). I ordered it from Newegg back in January and decided to go a different direction for my project. Too late to return and too expensive to ship. Looking to sell local but willing to ship if someone really wants it lol

Located in South Florida Broward County area. Looking for $80

Well, I’m in New England. What’s shipping look like on this bad boy?

USPS website is estimating ~$100 lol. It’s cheaper for you to just buy it from Newegg.

If you have a free UPS business account it should be about $42 to ship ground to Bangor (estimated from Pembroke Pines as I used to live there). UPS is almost always cheaper for big stuff like that than USPS. closer areas could be cheap enough to expand your sales area.

Good luck.

Thats good to know, thanks! That is a bit better for pricing. I’ll have to look into the business account.

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