[US-CO] Everything needed for a DAS build - Sold!

Hello, I have a collection of bits that I’m tired of tripping over. I’d rather sell as a lot, but I’m willing to part out if needed. A lot of the fans have been upgraded to arctic f-series and there a couple of arctic 12 CPU coolers as well.

I have shipping materials for the enclosure and would pack everything else inside. Although I’d prefer a local sale because I’m sure shipping this wont be cheap.

This was built using the DAS guide + some components I grew out of.
Essentially with everything below you can add 19 drives as a JBOD array to your existing setup. The L4500 has a drive cage added do house 4 additional drives. There is also a temp sensor that would need to be wired up if you wanted to. Of course you could take the temp sensor and cage out and use it as a computer chassis and have support for a bunch of drives.

I’m looking for about $250 for the lot (lmk if I’m off on the price)

Rosewill RSV-L4500
LSI SAS9201-16e
HP SAS Expander
4x SFF-8088 to 4xSATA Breakout Cables
Additional SAS - Sata cables and SATA power splitters


Please upload your pictures to the forum directly, do not use imgur.

Hey @JDM_WAAAT sorry about that. I’ve updated the images.

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