[US-AL] Rosewill Server Combo

Soon after completing my backup server build here in Huntsville, AL, I thought it was a bit much and a 2U build might be better. Since I’m outside the return window, everything outside of the motherboard, RAM, and CPU is now up for sale.

Below is what is being sold all together (I prefer to sell this all together and not part it out if I don’t have to):

Rosewill RSV-L4000U (it’s the newer model that has a USB 3.0 front panel…comes with all accessories)
3 x RSV-SATA-34 cages (this essentially turns this case into a L4412U)
Supermicro AOC-S2308L-L8i (it’s flashed to the newest LSI 9207-8i firmware and is in IT mode…BIOS looks like it has been removed to speed up boot times)
EVGA 650 G3 Power Supply (comes with all the cables and additional molex cables so all hard drive cages can be powered)
2 x SFF8087 to 4-SATA; 4 x SATA cables (tested and work well)
3 x Arctic P12 PWM PST; 2 x Arctic F8 PWM PST fans (push enough air and are a good, quiet alternative to Noctua fans)
iStarUSA TC-RAIL-26 rails (work perfectly with case and are hard to come by)

Additionally, I replaced some of the 6/32" screws with thumbscrews to make removing PCIE slot covers and the top lid easier to remove. They are short enough to not interfere with sliding in and out of the rack.

I’m looking to sell this for $450 cash or PayPal locally (willing to drive up to 2 hours to perform the transaction).

If someone is willing to buy this and have it shipped, we can work out what seems fair for shipping cost. I’d really prefer not to box this up since I don’t have the original box anymore.

Timestamp and Pics: https://imgur.com/a/IPLObzL#EkbMnSb


Please upload the pictures directly to the forum instead of using a hosting site, thanks!

How nice, if only I was in AL!

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