unRAID to FreeNAS Advice Needed

I recently built a NAS Killer 4.0 solution using unRAID as the OS. I run 2 PLEX servers (Friends/Family) off 2 HP290’s. From the start of quarantine usage has gone up significantly and I’ve noticed severe bottlenecking (Large IOWAIT times from Netdata) when hitting about 20+ streams. After doing some thinking, I realized I may need a striped array setup to maximize read performance and unRAID wont be able to offer it. My current drive setup is:

10x6TB 7200RPM SAS Drives
2x8TB 5400RPM SATA Drives
1x512GB SSD SATA Cache Drive

My goal is to maximize read performance while retaining as much storage capacity possible. Currently, with my unRAID setup, the 10 SAS drives are primary storage, 2 WD Whites for Parity, and the SSD for cache. After reading / researching online, I’ve been having troubles coming to a decision of what RAID or RAIDZ would best serve my purpose. RAID 0, RAID 10, RAID 6, and RAID Z1 or Z2 are the configs I’ve narrowed down but need help with. All data from the storage server is backed up nightly to a GSuite Drive account so I can sacrifice some redundancy for read perf/storage capacity. Any suggestions?

You shouldn’t be running into these issues.
20 streams, even at the extreme end is about 400 Mbps, a single hard drive can easily do 900 Mbps.

Can you share screenshots of your shares screen?

yeah doesn’t sound right. Not an unraid guy but it doesn’t take much to supply the files to the server provided you arent doing something like transcoding 4K source files or uncompressed blue rays. Iowait can indicate drive bottlenexk, but are you sure its not a bottleneck of the transcoding directory? Did you use an NVME in the 290s? Are you transcoding in ram? Whats the download speed on one of the 290s when hitting this bottleneck?

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