Ultra quite compact 24TB Unraid Dual Boot Gaming PC

First - It’s been fun going down this rabbit hole. I’ve learned a lot - big thank you to JDM_WAAAT and discord community. You’ve helped me build the rig I’ve always wanted.

Started off building a NK4.1 with Combo#4 ($180).

Intention was to have 2 systems. One for server and one for PC gaming. Use my current gaming rigs’ Fractal Define 4 case for the NK4.1 build and get a new case Define 7 compact to house the gaming rig now that I don’t need HDD bay.

Combo #4 let me get familiar with Unraid and sever setup / experiments.
So when the power power supply failed on my gaming rig. I figured why don’t I just build one system?

Only issue was how do I fit 4 8TB HDD + 2 cache drives into a compact case? I found out that Fractal cases can get all their fan mount locations with 3.5" HDD.

So I converted my define 7 compact as a full gaming rig + Unraid.

  • Unraid 3x8TB + 1x8TB parity
  • 2 SSD caches
  • Windows 10 VM with dual-boot. Incase I want to go bare-metal for any reason. Passthrough: 1TB NVMe, nvidia 2060, 3.1 USB controller from the motherboard for hotswapping (helps with VR)
  • Unraid dockers: Unifi, Plex
  • VMs: Win10 / MacOS / Ubuntu

Best part? the rig is extremely quite, power effiecent and compact.

Next goal: PARSEC streaming!


Man, what a fantastic build! Congratulations, she’s a beauty. How much RAM did you add?

I kept my original memory 24GB; I may upgrade down the road.
16GB for VM and 8GB for Unraid.

Core i7-6700k; definitely would like to upgrade to more Cores; i9-10900T would be fitting but I’ll wait until next year.