Trying to scrap together a plex server

FIrst of all, great website! There is a lot of very helpful information.

On black Friday I ordered two 8tb WD NAS drives expecting to be able to use them in a Dell PowerEdge T110 that I’ve been tinkering with (first server) and running open media vault with Plex. Well, trying to anyways but that’s another story. Long story short I’m a noob and didn’t realize that the bios wouldn’t be compatible with anything over 2tb.

I like the recommended builds that were in v4.0 and have been on the fence between the 1st one with the cooler master 350 case and the one with the mini-itx case. However, I already have the following equipment and wanted to see if anyone could make any suggestions on making the most of what I have on hand:

  • No Motherboard
  • EVGA Hadron Air Case with build in fans and power supply. It will only house 2 hard drives though and I was intending on putting the WD 8tb’s in raid 1. I think I could either get one of the hard drives that mounts in a PCI slot or run OMV off a thumb drive until I move to a more suitable case.
  • Pentium G3258 CPU - I don’t see a lot of info on this forum for the 1150 socket. Would it be the right move to buy a motherboard for this processor or to move to the more common 1155?
    -Heatsink Intel E97378-001
  • Ram 8gb DD3 Dimm PNY

I apologize in advance if I’ve left out any crucial information. Also, thanks for any feedback or advice on how to get up and running.