Transcoding question

I have an E5-2670 and a GTX1650 with the modified drivers Passmark for the Xeon is 9131 which if I remember correctly, should net me about 4 or so simultaneous 1080p tramscodes. The question I have is, I can get the 1650 up to about 9 simultaneous 1080–>720p transcodes before the cpu gets pegged, and I was hoping to get closer to the Epalmsoft estimate of 14. I’m running the tests in Chrome, and I’m wondering if I should be using the windows client to test instead as Chrome has limited codec support. I do see (hw) designation for video, but not audio.

What am I missing? Or is this the best i can expect?

Also, would the 1650 be using its own ram to transcode or still make use of the ramdisk I have set up?

Around here we generally recommend people use a dedicated QuickSync transcoder. It’s faster, better quality, more reliable, and usually cheaper. Even the most basic Celeron processor can achieve 20 1080p transcodes.

In my experience, Nvidia cards are still somewhat CPU dependent when transcoding, but it does look like you have an adequate CPU. How much RAM do you have?

As far as audio transcoding, that always takes place on the CPU, and currently is not hardware accelerated on any device.