Thoughts on this for a 24 bay anniversary build?

Welcome to @flinte. The CSE-846 is already discussed here: SuperMicro CSE-846 24-Bay Chassis With X9DRi-F and 2x E5-2620 CPUs - $450 OBO

This is what I use for my build (not anniversary). I like it.

I ended up pulling the trigger on this one this weekend along with 4x Xeon E5-4617. I name dropped JDM_WAAAT and got a $10 discount and free rails thrown in. $611 total after shipping. Let the fun begin!

That’s going to be a little bit of an insane build. Interested to see how it ends up.

Whoa. Look at the prices for the 3x 9211-8i haha. ~200 bucks!!