Thoughts on Phone Cases?

For those of you with iPhones (and android phones if the company makes cases for both), what case if any do you use and why did you choose it? (I specifically use an iPhone XR)

I’ve been privy to Spigen cases for years now, it’s the only things I’ve used on probably my past 4 phones (usually get new one every 2-3 years). Their Slim Armour & Tough Armour series offer amazing protection. When I got my Note 9, I wanted to keep it slim, so tried out the Neo Hybrid and love it. Still offers great protection, but keeps it thin. Also very low priced (ignore prices on their site, way inflated)

Personally, I really like the official Apple Silicon cases. Love the way they look and feel.

I trend towards Magpul phone cases. Despite not owning any firearms. They’re incredibly durable and generally outlast my use of the phone

Hmmm these seam quite nice, thanks for the info!