System.out.println(Hello World!);

Hey guys. I’m Exxistential. Nice to meet you all!

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Hello and welcome! #second

Hey yo. thanks for testing

Da Iceman has entered the building.

echo “Hey Everyone!”;
return $to_drinking;


Old fat guy here checking in.

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“Use the boosts to get through!”


I feel special!

What up nerds! I mean that in the geekiest way possible!

We keep saying Hello to the World, but the World never says Hello back…


What up guys… Texas cowboy here

Hey Mazzy! Nice Patreon logo!

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It took me forever to realize that was the Patreon tag…lol. Looks mad cheesy.

We’ll come up with something better in time, it’s just the default one that Patreon provides.

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// TODO Come up with snarky comment

console.log('Hello and welcome.')



print("hello, world!")