Supermicro X9drh-7tf Upgraded GA-7PESH2

I think this is the best board you can get for the SNAFU build. It has both 10GbE x2: X540-T2 and LSI 2208 on board which the GA-7PESH2 also has but I see a handful of benefits.

Edit: I was incorrect about the SAS controller as the GA-7PESH2 actually has a LSI 2008 on board which is much easier to flash to IT mode than the 2208 as pointed out by @itronin

E-ATX instead of SSI-EEB
6 PCI-Express x8 instead of 2
Supports 3 more USB 2.0
4 more SATA2
All PCI-Express is 3.0 instead of 2.0

Narrow ILM instead of Square (The price to pay for E-ATX)
1 PCI-Express x16 instead of 2
No PCI-Express x4 (But has plenty of x8)
LSI 2208 instead of 2008

Supermicro info

Serve The Home also has a great article about the board

Motherboard with 2x Intel E5-2620v2 - $320 OBO
Seller accepted $250

Just the board (from the UK) - $295USD

Motherboard with 2 CPUs and 8G of RAM to get you started - $369 OBO

Noooooooooo got the the SuperMicro X10’s that is the best value as for as longevity for cost paid.

just my 2c


There’s also no 10GbE onboard, but most of the boards do not have that.

@SystemViper From my understanding X10 boards do not support the LGA2011 socket / V2 CPUs which I was disusing the best board for the LGA2011 socket so those would not be viable.

@JDM_WAAAT According to your spreadsheet, STH’s review and the manufacturers website (plus Supermicro’s standard naming convention) it does, unless I am completely reading it wrong. I don’t mean to be rude at all but every piece of information I have says it is has 10GbE on board.

Hope I am not completely miss understanding this, I am a complete novice but it seems most people on here are trying to get there hands on a GA-7PESH2. These boards have very little availability and so do the X9DRH-7TF boards but I was able to find a bunch and from reading stat sheets on the manufactures website it is arguably a better choice.

This board is a combination of both the X9DRH-ITF which has 10GbE and the X9DRH-7F which has the on-board SAS controller. The X9DRH-IF is the base model. T=10GbE and 7=SAS controller. All these boards are very similar with the only differences being the SAS and 10GbE which is why they all share a manual.

Best way I like to look at these boards is the Supermicro naming.
X9 - board is the newest board to support the V2 processors which I plan on running
D - for dual CPU, R for the socket type
H - (not entirly sure seems to be non standard)
7 - for SAS
T - for 10GbE
F - for IPMI

I had two SM servers with the X9DRH-7TF inside mis-shipped to me. I tested them before I exchanged them with the seller for the correct boards.

I can confirm the X9DRH-7TF has 10Gbase-T, it works for ESXI and FreeNAS - sorry all I tested.

BE AWARE the SAS controller is an LSI 2208 which is a hardware raid controller. At a guess you’re planning to use Unraid which wants an IT mode controller. This controller is NOT a 2308. The 2208 can be flashed to IT mode (making it think its a 2308 but at the end of the day it is NOT a 2308).

There’s a thread on this site about the cross flash process, and another one @STH. If you have never cross flashed something I strongly recommend you read the process over more than a few times and make sure you understand the pitfalls and recovery process if you make a mistake before you try and cross flash this board.

By comparison the GA7-PESH2 has a 2008 which is an easy cross flash to IT mode and easy recovery if you make a mistake.

IIRC the boards are going for between 275 and 350 or so when a seller has them.

I’m pretty sure he was responding to @SystemViper that the X10 doesn’t have 10GbE onboard.

yea when i looked they had 1Gbase-T (1000BASE-T), I think that is right, I have no need for that kinda speed, so it’s out of my scope

I did not notice that, thank you for the heads up, I have only done a little bit of research on flashing to IT mode but I have 2 SAS cars which is more than enough for now.

@SystemViper @COZisBack

Not sure, I guess I am not exactly sure what is being referred to as X10. X10 boards is an entire generation of boards and many of them definitely had 10GbE. The X stands for Xeon/enterprise and the 10 just means 10th generation.

I am fairly new to ServerBuilds so if this is referring to some other popular board that I don’t know about sorry for the confusion.

The affordable go to SuperMicro board right now in that series is the X10SL7-F. It unfortunately doesn’t have 10GbE.

You can add 10gige for about 50 bucks. Just find the best deal you can and add it in later.

thats some good advice, sometimes you can’t get what you want but there are ways to get what you need. Good Luck