Supermicro X8DT6 [NK 2.0 motherboard replacement] - CPU + RAM combos (benefits charity)

Human-IT is a great ebay seller. They are a non-profit that supports charities. I’ve bought from them before, they have fast shipping and are willing to work with you on OBO’s.

Here’s some stuff that I spotted, some of which I think are pretty great deals.

Q: Why am I posting this?
A: It’s basically the same as the NAS Killer 2.0, you can follow that guide for the rest of the parts. Same SSI-EEB form factor, same LSI SAS onboard, only 2 x NIC instead of 4 x, and slightly different PCI-E layout. Also has IPMI.

>>>SM X8DT6 combos w/ CPU+RAM<<<

Link Motherboard Processors RAM Other Price Shipping Deal?
ebay X8DT6-A dual E5620 12GB DDR3 1U heatsinks $94 OBO $45 meh
ebay X8DT6-A dual E5620 24GB DDR3 1U heatsinks $114 OBO $37 good
ebay X8DT6-A dual E5620 96GB DDR3 1U heatsinks $190 OBO $20 great

What’s the difference between this model and the -F model? Looks like a really good deal, especially the 96GB one.

-F means it has IPMI.

edit: this one has IPMI too, so I’m not exactly sure why it’s -A.

I have purchased from them too and they accepted much lower than I expected. Item I bought was great too.

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Did anyone put an offer in on these and get a reply back?