SSI-EEB cases for SM X8DTN+

Hi there

I am building a server on a Super Micro X8DTN+ motherboard (11x13"), and I want to use at least 5x HDD (3.5 or 2.25"). I am looking for a decent case, but not too expensive…

I know the FD Define 7 XL would do it very well…but its too expensive…

Antec had a nice one P101, but then the HDD bay would be in the way.

Is there any other cheaper cases which would fit my specs ???

I don’t think anything outside of the Supermicro cases properly fit the + motherboards.

That said, there are some $100 cases that can be made to work:

I highly recommend the Enthoo Pro chassis linked above. I just put one of the Supermicro + boards into one. About 1/3 of the holes don’t have match up with standoffs (I used non-conductive spacers instead where there was metal underneath them to support the board).

If you want pictures, my build is documented at My new SNAFU build - 'Turbojet' - #2 by talorgen. I’ve built other PCs before, but this was the first time with a non-standard board size.

I put an X8DTI-F into a Deepcool Shield V2 case and every mounting hole lined up . It is atx tower size and it’s not heavy or expensive but there’s only room for two hdd sleds in the cage .
If You use a newer power supply that is not too long You can remove the cage from the bottom
and mount the drives on brackets in that space. I also had great results using their Mattrex 70 case with similar motherboards . There is no space for an optical drive in these cases when an board of that size is used .

The X8DTI-F is only E-ATX. OP has an EE-ATX/SSI-EEB size MB.

That said, it looks like it will work because it is a bottom mount PSU with space at the top for a radiator, which is where the extended RAM slots will end up. So there won’t be holes for mounting there, but it should fit.

Also seems out of stock in most places right now…

It is a popular case and there is a lot of room inside for a build in a case that size and at that price it is no wonder it is getting hard to find . Three in stock at Canada Computers in Richmond BC at C$39 with $4 shipping discount . I got mine from Amazon at that price a while back . I know what You mean about the extra ram slots in the top because I have a board like that in an old Cooler Master Cosmos case . It weighs a ton and it is big . At that time the water cooled cases were slowly coming out .Now there are a lot of cases built for that but It takes more research to find the right one because nobody advertises that they also have room for an EEB board . Lookout for things in the way at the top - like audio,usb and power on case top- instead of the front panel . Happy hunting

My biggest concern is the with of the case, because I am going to install 4x HP SAS 2.5" disks, and I want to use a IBM M1015 controller (Proxmox setup) with mini SAS SFF cables, therefore there must be clearence for the SAS connector + the SATA power connector - see picture. There must be at least 1.5" clearence from the disk connector to the sidepanel…
This is from my Matrexx 55 V3 - The mobo fits when you remove the USB/audio bracket from the ase in the uppper right corner. But I can not close the sidepanel when using the HDD case with my SAS disks…



I can see that the Matrexx 70 is a little wider and has 7mm more clearence for cable management. So that might be enough.