[SOLD] [US-TX] NVIDIA GTX 1080 EVGA Superclocked SC 8GB VRAM

Hi guys, clearing house a bit for a new camera so selling a bunch of stuff.
Up for sale is my excellent condition EVGA GTX 1080 card. It’s so clean I could eat off of it. But joking aside no apparent dings scratches or defects.
I used it primary In a HTPC to play Some games in 4k. Only got about one day a week of use out of it and was always kept at stock clocks (memory/core)- never over clocked. Included you get the card wrapped in anti static bag, power splitter, and The box(with manuals etc)

Here are some photos. If you have any questions feel free to ping me on discord or message here.


Sold to @faultline for $310

Looking for $310 shipped to your door.

Can I dibs?

Heckin Ya! feel free to DM me on discordo

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