[SOLD] [US-AZ] Dell R420 and Dell R410 1U servers

I have two 1U R410 and R420 that have been sitting and no longer are useful to me. Just looking to have them go to someone who could at least do something with them.


  • 2x E5-2450L
  • 40GB in 10x 4gb 2rx4 pc3-8500r-7-10-e1
  • 2x HD caddy, 2x filler
  • iDRAC 6(?) module for iLO

Dell R410:

  • Intel Xeon Processor X5550
  • 16GB in 4x 4gb 2rx4 pc3-8500r-7-10-e1 * 32GB in 4x 8gb 2rx4 pc3l-10600r-9-10-j1
  • 2x 300GB 15.7K Cheetah disks * 2x HD caddy

Will need some TLC to be functional (like CPU paste; old and I scrapped it off to verify configs).

Will accept $150 (obo) for both units and all misc. parts I can find that go along with them (extra iDRAC, caddy, holder, older drives etc.)

Images: https://imgur.com/a/52lGbjB

This is cross-posted from Reddit and Facebook Marketplace currently. Failing these being sold, hopefully they can be donated to a school lab for experimentation.

Please upload the images directly to the forum.

Sorry, forgot to upload the photos. This has been sold on Reddit.

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