[SOLD] Supermicro X8 MOBO, L5640, DDR3-ECC RAM, GA-7TESM

Grabbed a couple of these motherboards to make a few servers for myself and some family but they decided to go a different route and I found a sweet deal on an X10 motherboard for myself.

SHIPPING COST NOT INCLUDED. Shipping from Michigan (49088).

  1. 1x Supermicro X8DT6-A-ISO18 (X8DT6-F with modified BIOS) - $60 each


  1. **6x Hynix 4GB 2RX4 PC3L-10600R DDR3-1333 ECC Registered Memory - $5 each

Additionally I have a GA-7TESM motherboard that seems to only post with a single RAM per CPU socket. I have tried everything I could think of but just can’t get it to work with more. There are no bent CPU pins that I can see and all the memory works fine with no errors on other systems. Should work fine for someone with minimal memory usage or with some higher capacity RAM.

  1. GA-7TESM - $30

Thank you @DiehardFiero for your purchase.

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