[SOLD] SFF R710 & LFF R710, Spare 870W PSUs, SSDs, 10k Spinners, 9201-8i

RTP area. Downsizing the homelab, selling off a couple of my R710s and bits and bobs.

Both have L5640s, 32GB RAM, and 570W PSUs. One front bezel between the two of them. I’ve got a spare 9201-8i for either of them, 20 bucks to add it.

LFF R710 has 6x2TB drives and a 120G SSD in the DVD drive. Asking 150 OBO. Loading up Blinkenlighten that aren’t blinken 2TB Drives Sold

SFF R710 I’ll sell with 8 blanks or any drives you want to buy (below). Asking 100 OBO. Shitty picture, barely visible proofs paper above it BIOS version of SFF Memory CPUs that aren’t listed but speeds are Sold

I’ve got 4 870W PSUs for the R710s, free if you want them instead of the 570s.

I’ve got 8 240G SSDs in caddies I’ll sell for 20 a pop, 120 for them all. Literally only used 6 of 'em to install ubuntu in RAID 10 then shut the machine down. Again, kinda just want them gone. Sold

Also I have 4 HGST 1.2TB 10k spinners in caddies to sell in, 40 each or 120 for them all. Sold

Drives HGST drive.

I’m out for Dragoncon labor day weekend but beyond that, let me know if you’re interested.

Are the SSDs still available?


Sorry, they were sold.